Happy Mother’s Day To Our Upscale Lakeshore Community​​

Happy Mother's Day To Our Upscale Lakeshore Community​

Upscale Lakeshore is surrounded by the beauty of mothers, from the Upscale Lakeshore team to our cherished guests. We understand just how important of a role they play in our everyday lives. Think of your mother today and how your world wouldn’t be the same without her. Upscale Lakeshore certainly wouldn’t be the same without the caring mothers on our team. Give the gift of time this Mother’s Day! Let Upscale Lakeshore help you in making Mother’s Day weekend a treasured memory that will last a lifetime. There’s no better way to spend time with your mom and loved ones than with a weekend getaway to the lakeshore of West Michigan. As a mother, imagine relaxing in a bubbly bath surrounded by silence or your favorite podcast and or playlist drinking your sparkling beverage of choice. A much needed time for self love for all the work you put in for your family. Mother’s Day is a day to reflect on the love you have given and the love to give yourself.  As a child, imagine your mother receiving the appreciation she deserves in a way that she feels loved by you and by herself. Upscale Lakeshore values all mothers and wishes you an amazing day full of love!

Welcome to Crescent Cottage

Welcome to Crescent Cottage

A cozy and vibrant water front cottage nestled between a secluded in land lake and wandering forest brings to life an intimate vacation to be! Upscale Lakeshore’s newest vacation rental is Crescent Cottage. This 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom home has the capacity to sleep up to 6 guests and is perfect for a couple or small group of friends wanting an intimate space to have fun and relax. The private escape of Crescent Cottage allows plenty of opportunities for entertainment. Follow a winding timber-filled path to a hidden lake where you can get into the water to take a swim or go out for a ride in the kayaks. Nature surrounds you in the cozy cocoon of Crescent Cottage, where you and your friends can sit under the stars in the spacious backyard while enjoying a crackling fire and dinner and drinks al fresco. 

Upscale Lakeshore’s Crescent Cottage is an opportunity for you to experience West Michigan and our lovely Michigan beachtowns while also not feeling the pressure of a city and tourist activities. Here you can relax and take your much needed vacation at your own pace. It can be your next memorable vacation all due to the peace and serenity you feel among the lake, the stars, and a cozy and chic furnished home. Embrace the privacy of being tucked away in the woods that border the lake or head into the downtowns of Saugatuck/Douglas to experience a plethora of eateries and boutiques. This is the perfect location to disconnect all while still being under a short drive into town and to the beaches of Lake Michigan. Check out our website for your next unforgettable vacation! 

Welcome to Blue Cedar

Welcome to Blue Cedar

We just welcomed a new member into our Upscale Lakeshore family with Blue Cedar. With the ability to sleep up to 16 guests in a luxurious and aesthetic space, it’s the perfection destination for your next vacation. Encompassed in a woodland setting and just a short drive away from Lake Michigan, Blue Cedar is a picturesque and luxury home fit to be your next home away from home. The house becomes apart of its surroundings with its contemporary design that brings the outside in through large windows spread all throughout the house. From the moment you enter the home, you’ll be impressed at the care to detail and high class finishes in the home. This high class comfort comes with a plethora of amenities including a bonfire pit, recreation room, wet bar, grand piano, laundry room, industrial refrigerator, and much more! The numerous  fireplaces creates a relaxing and cozy atmosphere no mater the time of year. 


Whether you’re a couple or a large group of family or friends, Blue Cedar welcomes you with large dining and living areas that are perfect for get togethers. The large bedrooms and bathrooms allow plenty of space for guests. And don’t forget about the hot tub either, this is perfect for a group of gals gossiping with wine or for a couple to break away from their busy lives and focus on themselves while  relaxing in a warm space. The hot tub sits in a three season porch that keeps you outside with nature while also protection you from the wind and bugs that accompany the outdoors. It’s our utmost pleasure to share Blue Cedar with our guests as well as the beauty of Lake Michigan and our lakeshore community. Check out our website for the next available dates at Blue Cedar and let it become a part of your wonderful vacation memories!

Upscale Lakeshore’s New Brew

Upscale Lakeshore's New Brew

Upscale Lakeshore surrounds itself with community and seeks to offer our guests the best our community has to offer. We are excited to share that we have partnered with our local coffee shop and roasting facility, Uncommon Coffee Roasters. You’ll be able to indulge all day in your coffee pleasures without leaving the comfort of our Upscale Lakeshore properties. Uncommon Coffee Roasters  is a coffee shop and roasting facility located in Saugatuck, Michigan. They specialize in ethically sourced coffee while working hand-in-hand with coffee producers to understand the products they offer and to confirm the global sourcing of green coffee. 

No need to google  “coffee near me” or “espresso near me” when staying at an Upscale Lakeshore vacation home. Take the chance to enjoy coffee and lattes in the comforts of your home away from home. Our properties are equipped with quality coffee grounds with our Uncommon Coffee Roasters partnership. Upscale Lakeshore offers a variety of ways to make coffee from french press to espresso and coffee machines in our homes. 
Our special lakeshore blend is a hearty, medium to dark roast hailing from Brazil, Sumatra, Colombia, and Ethiopia. With our blend you’ll notice a complex, textured taste and quality with earthy, fruity and floral notes. 


At Upscale Lakeshore, we look forward to showing you further insight into our beautiful lakeshore community and sharing ethical and quality coffee with you!