Outdoor Activities in Grand Haven, Michigan

Explore all that Grand Haven, Michigan has to offer when it comes to outdoor fun. The Grand Haven area is a year round vacation destination never lacking in things to do. Fill your stay with a long list of outdoorsy adventures. The Grand Haven area offers outdoor activities that are ideal for people of any age and or background. 


Whether you want to take a nice stroll, hike, run and even bike there are plenty of trails to do so in. Explore the towering dunes and spend a day among the woodlands, the lakeshore trail connects Grand Haven and Holland with a stop along the way. Some trails you can explore are Kirk Park, Olive Shores, Pigeon Creek and or Rosy Mound. 


Grand Haven State Park is the perfect spot to camp out along with many other campsite locations in the Grand Haven area. There are 174 campsites along the unsalted shores of Lake Michigan. All campsites have electrical hookups along with access to drinking water, toilets, hot showers and a playground!

Water Sports

Looking to dive right in? At Grand Haven, the water sport possibilities are endless. Canoeing, tubing, kayaking, paddle boarding, water skiing you name it, Grand Haven offers it! You can rent, purchase water sport equipment and even sign up for lessons at various locations in Grand Haven, learn more here


Check out the rolling dunes. There are several sand dunes in the area offer beautiful scenery for exploration. The woods surrounding the dunes at the Rosy Mound Natural Area add to the beauty of this outdoor adventure. Climb the stairs to go up and over the dunes to enjoy amazing views of Lake Michigan.


Geocaching is a real world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. There are currently over 1,000 in the Grand Haven area! Geocaching is the perfect activity for families, couples and or groups of friends. 

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