Prepare Your Rental for the Season: Attract more Renters

This off season is the perfect time to refreshen up your vacation rental and prepare for the season. There are a simple things that can make a huge different when it comes to getting your vacation rental property rented faster. Consider some of these upgrades for your home to attract more renters. 

Curb Appeal

Having a maintained and well kept exterior leaves guests with a good first impression of the home. It’s worth investing into first impressions of your home to get renters excited about your home before even entering. 

Color Scheme

An overall paint scheme in a home attracts more renters. The use of color is an important element when it comes to decorating a home especially since color sets the tone and mood of your house. 

Pet Friendly

Around 50% of renters own a pet which means having your property be pet friendly allows for a larger market of renters. Animals can help reduce stress, having a pet around can make your property feel more like a home for your guests.


It’s important to keep up with home renovations for your property. Home renovations and updates come with the benefits of increasing the enjoyment and comfortability in your home, the functionality and efficiency and the value of the home.