Concierge Services with Upscale Lakeshore

At Upscale Lakeshore, we offer concierge services to heighten your experience at our properties. Our goal is to help make your visit to the lakeshore of West Michigan worry free and memorable, from the moment you contact us to help you find your ideal vacation rental. To learn more and book these services, you can reach out to us at [email protected] or fill out the request form here after booking. Let our concierge services help make the most of your vacation with indulgences you deserve.

In-Home Chef​

Whether you are looking to celebrate special event or just enjoy a fabulous meal with your loved ones. The in-home chef experience is truly a culinary delight from home. You choose the courses or let us propose a menu. Enjoy a delicious meal prepared by one of our local chefs, with signature drink pairings you’ll love. Everything will be catered to your needs, whether it’s dietary restrictions, group size, and more. 

Spa Baskets ​

Upon your arrival, you can be greeted with luxury spa items in the bedrooms of your choice. Vacation is a time for rest and relaxation. Treat yourself and or your guests to a beautifully curated bundle of bath salts, body oil, and facial mist from our local beloved partners. 

Pre-stocked Groceries

Grocery shopping can be stressful and tedious at the start of vacation, but with our pre-stocked grocery services you won’t need to worry about that. After giving us a list of your requested grocery items, we will have the fridge and pantry stocked before your arrival. Start your vacation off without having to spend time roaming the aisles at the local market.

Charcuterie Boards ​

Whether you want to be welcomed with a nice tasty snack or in need of some celebration d’oeuvres, we offer personal charcuterie boards that can be set up prior to your arrival. With a selection of meats, cheeses, fruits, and crackers you can have a speciality board waiting for you at check-in upon request.

Photography Sessions ​

Vacations are often a time spent with family and friends. Seize the moment and have us set up a professional photo session at the location of your choice. Choose what scene best fits your needs, we highly recommend beach photoshoots at sunset to catch the golden hour and beautiful views of Lake Michigan! With a quick consultation of when and where you would like to have a photoshoot, we will connect you with one of our local partnered photographers. After your lovely photoshoot and memorable vacation, you’ll be able to access the photos through an online portal. 

Custom Itineraries​

As locals, we can give you the best recommendations in West Michigan. We also understand the stress of planning activities for yourself and or your family, that’s why with this service we are offering you a hands off experience that guarantees excitement and a great way to see Lake Michigan with local advice and guidance.  After a consultation, we will create a custom itinerary for for you and the rest of your party. Once you check-in, you’ll find the itineraries in each bedroom for your reference throughout your stay. 

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