April Showers and May Flowers bring Holland Tulip Time

With April and May, comes the blooming of tulips that bound to to create a blissful spring atmosphere. Spring and summer are filled with tulips, but only the one week in early May hosts the Tulip Time Festival in Holland, Michigan where tourists from around the world gather to visit. Downtown Holland will be a buzz with tulip activities and fun. Enjoying Tulip Time is free, however certain activities may require you to purchase tickets. But there are plenty of free and non-scheduled activities to enjoy all week long. All Tulip Time festivities are spread throughout the area. Before all the Tulip Time activities begin, there is still fun to be had! With a Tulip pre-sale, you can buy pre-potted tulip bulbs that will be ready to bloom and show their beauty come early May. Check out the Tulip Time page for more details and where to buy. The week long festival will be filled with activities and fun starting on May 6 through May 14th. The streets will feature a parade with food and vendors. There will be street food classics and Dutch favorites like poffertjes. You’ll find everything from Dutch dance classes and immersion gardens, walking tours, boat rides, and artisan markets. At Upscale Lakeshore we want to show you all the Lakeshore and West Michigan has to offer all year round! Tulip Time is full of spring happiness and festival fun. We hope you get a chance to check the festival out and experience it’s Magic for yourself during your stay with us. 

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