From Dream To Reality, Lake Michigan And Fantastical Beauty ​

Imagine a blissful morning full of the beauty in the world. As you wake up in a warm and comfortable bed surrounded by a plush duvet. You realize there is a beach full of sand, fresh air, and beautiful views just at your fingertips. Nothing will stop you from seeing it’s alluring beauty, and so you embark on your way to fulfill the needs within your soul.  As you begin to walk on the beach,  the fresh air speeds from the atmosphere to your lungs. It invigorates your soul and gives your body energy. The soft wind is enjoyable as it brings to life the landscape with the fluttering dune grass, the rolling sand, and the lulling movement of the waves. The lake, the air, the view, its all more than enough to bring you peace and relax you ⎯ mind, body, and soul. This dream of a fantastical beach is far from fictional. The beautiful mural of Lake Michigan awaits you. Fulfill your soul with the picturesque West Michigan and reassure your mind and body with the luxurious comforts of a home away from home with Upscale Lakeshore. Our properties offer affluential comfort that will provide you with a memorable and relaxing vacation to enjoy the beauty of our Michigan Beachtowns. 

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