Walk on Water in West Michigan

Photo Credit: Trevor Mahlmann

One of the greatest phenomenons during the winter in West Michigan is our frozen lakes. You’ll be able to see horizontal icicles, ice pancakes, frozen lighthouses, and even walk on water. Unfortunately, the walking on water won’t give you superpowers, but you will be able to say you did it. This works because the water and air become so cold the water eventually freezes. Once a thick enough layer has formed you are able to safely walk onto the lake. And did we mention horizontal icicles and ice pancakes? You may be wondering what those are and how they happen. Horizontal icicles may seem like a bizarre and a crazy concept, but once there’s enough wind power it is more than possible. The weather on the lake can be volatile and so when big winter storms happen theres lot of wind and cold. This wind forces water up on piers and lighthouses. Normally on piers, you’ll find some sort of light pole. Once water crashes up against the pole from the harsh wind and currents, the cold air does its job and freezes against the pole. And that’s how horizontal icicles form! Now the ice pancakes are more of a crazy story. They form after a thin layer of ice forms on volatile water and break, creating flat and often round forms of ice.  



While some of our properties aren’t directly on the water, all of them are located in Michigan beachtowns with nearby access to beaches. The majority of the beaches ice over in the winter giving you something fun and adventurous to do while you’re on vacation with us!

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