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You may have heard about the news of the Michigan House Bill 4722 passing in the house and is now onto the Michigan State Senate. Here at Upscale Lakeshore, we are in support of the HB 4722 and are here to support our owners, our guests and our communities. Our vacation rental traditions promotes Pure Michigan as a great vacation destination. This bill helps to clarify and define rights of homeowners to use their property for short-term rentals along with creating reasonable regulations of rental guidelines outside of zoning, supporting local government control and protecting the rights of all property owners.


We find short-term rentals are an asset for not only property owners but guest visitors and the local communities as well. Short-term rentals helps Michigan homeowners maximize the value of their investment and support the payment of property taxes. All while generating economic activity within the local surrounding businesses. The right to rent is an important aspect of private property ownership. Now is the time to protect private property rental rights and Michigan’s history of short-term vacation rentals. Communities across the state have long recognized vacation rentals as an important tradition that provides a positive impact upon the our economy.  Your voice is crucial to supporting the protection of Michigan vacation rentals and the communities we love and care for. Join us in contacting your state senator and tell them to vote YES on HB 4722. Click here for information on how to find your senator by adding your zip code.

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