Rainy Day Guide for West Michigan

A rainy day in West Michigan along the lakeshore is another opportunity to explore and enjoy all that the area has to offer. There is so much to do on a rainy day. Sometimes the weather may not permit for the sun and sand and long walks on the beach. If you find yourself staying with us on a rainy weekend here are a few things to do indoors in and around the lakeshore of West Michigan.

Go to the Museum

Looking to expand your history knowledge to new horizons? Catch up on the history of the town you’re vacationing  in by visiting the local museums. What better way to get acquainted with a town than taking a crash course on its historic background than at a the local museum. 

Enjoy the Arts

Make sure to stop by the various local art galleries, you are staying in the art coast after all! From art galleries, studios and even art shops. Visitors strolling through the galleries can discover fine art in every medium as well as finely crafted goods from a mix of local and national artists.   

Shopping Time

Grab your umbrella because it’s time to shop! Explore the many unique boutiques and stores located in the downtowns. Each town has a different atmosphere with well-curated stores that are calling your name! You can be sure to treat yourself and find a local souvenir or two to bring home. 

Take Time to Relax

Looking to relax aside from being on the beach and catching those sun rays? There are local spas where you can pamper yourself to a facial or a massage. Here at Upscale Lakeshore, we also offer spa packages so you can relax right at your home away from home. 

Staying Indoors

We provide a variety of entertainment and games for you to revel in with your friends and family and stay indoors. Whether it’s playing a game of monopoly, putting together a puzzle, a competitive euchre match to curling up and watching your favorite movie. We offer a movie package so you can have all the essentials during your binge.