How to Name Your Vacation Rental

Having a name for your vacation rental helps with the listing. Names tell us about who we are and give us a sense of identity, just like it can with your home. Choosing a name for your vacation rental adds value to the property. A vacation rental that has a name makes it stand out and have an identity in comparison to the many other rentals in the area. With the market for vacation rentals being such a competitive environment that grows annually it’s important to have a vacation rental that is unique from the rest and a name can help with that!


The location of your property is a great place to start when it comes to naming your vacation rental. It’s common for owners to want the name to reflect its surroundings.  Whether you are located near the beach, lake or mountain it’s a good idea to take in consideration the surrounding and local area of the rental in the name! 


Describing the property and emphasizing the features offered can help play a part in naming your vacation rental. The name will give your potential guests a glimpse into the features of your property. The amenities and what kind of experience the guests will have staying at the home can make the name more meaningful.


The background, history and or personal interests can be included in the name. The background and history of the property can help make the name be more unique and stand out from others. Many homeowners also will name their vacation rental based off personal interests. Guests create more of a connection to the home when they know the name and the story behind it.  


Vacation rental names can be more about just the location and features. The style of the home can reflect back on the name. The name can include the kind of feeling you get once you enter the vacation rental and get a feel for the style and aesthetics. There’s usually a story behind the style of a home.

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