How to Save Money Booking a Vacation Rental

Planning your next vacation soon and looking to save some money during the process? There are many different ways to save on vacation spending and it all comes down to maximizing information. First, learn about the benefits of staying in a vacation rental. Next, learn how you can save money by choosing to stay at a vacation rental. Once you’ve decided to stay at a vacation rental, it’s important to be aware of different listing sites, the policies and incentives along with fees for a specific vacation rental listing is always a good idea. Here at Upscale Lakeshore, we want to help you save money and book your vacation rentals more efficiently! 

Book Directly

It’s as simple as – booking directly. Most of the times you can book directly by contacting the owners or property managers of a vacation home. Vacation rentals will either have a website or page that allows you to book your stay directly with them! When you book directly you can avoid service fees that are added on among the many listing sites. Booking directly you can save up to 20%. 

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