Your Vacation Rental needs a Guestbook

Having a guestbook for your home can impress guests and it shows them that you care and want them to have the best vacation  experience at your rental.  A guestbook is one of the  important amenities for your vacation rental. However, it can take significant effort to put together.

What is a Guestbook?

For guests staying at your property, your guestbook is the place to find all of the information needed for staying at your vacation rental. Since every rental is unique and different, guests need to know all the details once they arrive and your guestbook can provide them with all that. Guests should always have access to your guestbook, so it should always be in an easy accessible area. You should also tell guests where they can find the book once they arrive and remind them that they should read it.


Some things included in your guestbook can be: 

Why should you have a Guestbook?

Having a guestbook is a great way for  your guest to have an upscale experience, but it also comes in handy to outline house rules that guests need to follow when staying at your vacation rental. Your guestbook let’s guests know what to expect with your rental and they are more likely to be at ease and relax into your place. Keeping your rentals in good condition while enhancing your guests experience.

We understand creating a guestbook can be a hassle and not your top property. With our full service property management we provide a digital and hard copy guestbook for your guests. In addition, as a part of our guest services we offer a guestbook service so let us create your guide for you