Prepare your Rental for the Season: Decluttering Time

Clutter can be anything you’re keeping that doesn’t add value to your life. Decluttering is all about making room in your vacation rental for the things that truly matter for your guests and is a part of deep cleaning your home during the off season. The concept behind decluttering for your rental is to make your guests feel comfortable and not feel like they may be intruding in your personal space. Here’s some of our simple tips to keep your place open and clutter free as much as possible.

Start With a Plan

It’s important to make a plan by sorting things into categories such as toss, recycle and donate. Then tackle one category at a time. This will help keep the decluttering from feeling like too much and overwhelming.

Yes and No Piles

When sorting out your categories, make definite piles of what’s staying and what’s going. Don’t put anything away until you’ve sorted through each and every item. Once the piles are complete you’ll be left with a clean slate and items you love.

Declutter by Area

Looking at one freshly cleared out space might inspire you to declutter the rest of your rental too. So keep the momentum going by decluttering in small areas, instead of trying to declutter a little at a time all across your home. 

Everything Has a Home

Once you’ve gotten rid of everything you don’t need or no longer want, organize your belongings so that each and every item has a home. Go through room by room, assigning each item you own a place where it belongs. This can help stop clutter before it begins because with everything having a home you’ll remember to put it back where it belongs. 

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